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To read them, a reading module is installd. It is also suitable for recording information. When choosing such a structural element, several technical parameters are taken into account. To begin with, we consider what type of discs the device can read. It also indicates the maximum rotation sped and the ability to record data. Expansion boards Representd by an additional module that connects to a standard slot. They significantly increase the capabilities of the server. Additional functions are selectd depending on its purpose. The connection is made to the expansion port. This allows the motherboard to have direct access to the hardware.

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Not all motherboards have the appropriate extension. Thin Client A special type of equipment, which is characterizd by the absence of disks. Creatd with a terminal server. The thin client is usd to save on the purchase of hardware. Requird to reduce software installation costs. No ned to buy desktop software. The only requirement is terminal server licensing. This Namibia Email List choice also reduces administration costs. This is due to the installation of only a terminal server to solve the tasks. fat client The concept under consideration is a client that performs the manipulations requestd by the user. The main part of the system can be thought of as a place to store data.

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Processing is carrid out on the user’s local machine. This is requird for the case when you ned to process a lot of local data without transferring to the servers. The advantages of such a solution can be calld great BTC Email List functionality. The system also supports multi-user mode. It can work offline. Instantaneous performance favorably separates the fat client from other options. The only drawback is the high price. Web client In most cases, servers are creatd for remote access. To simplify the task of finding information and processing it, a web client is installd. Its features and tasks.

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