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In an interview you often give prepared  the candidate and the person in  equally. However, it is true that there are impromptu interviews with a similar interview atmosphere and there are cases where a prayer e-mail is received the day after the impromptu interview. Note that sometimes a provisional interview is actually considered a first interview. Casual interviews don’t require a resume but casual interviews usually don’t require a resume or work history.

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Questions about your background or employment history Australia Mobile Number List in informal interviews. But some casual interviews may require you to submit a resume. On the other hand, in the interview, the company will investigate the motivation and ability of the job seeker so the conversation is based on the resume and work experience.

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Qualifications and abilities are judged based BTC Email List  on the resume, but in the case of a casual interview, it can be said that the personality itself is seen rather than stereotypes. Casual Interview A casual interview with a relaxed atmosphere but a strict interview atmosphere An impromptu interview is conducted when a candidate is still considering an application.

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