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The most common options are Windows systems and different versions of Linux including Ubuntu. Therefore it is for them that the choice of equipment is the widest. Accordingly if a controller is requird for other systems then this should be clarifid further. Battery capacity Battery capacity parameters are rarely taken into account when choosing a controller. The battery only serves to save data during a power outage. As a rule this happens for a relatively short period of time so very powerful batteries are rarely installd in devices. This is not the parameter that is paid attention to when buying. In the vast majority of cases the battery does not run out when the power goes out for several hours.

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At the same time the higher this parameter is the more advantages a particular controller model has. Keyboard There is no keyboard in the controller. Depending on the specific model there may be several control Honduras Email List buttons that are mandatory for a certain type of device and provide convenient operation. Otherwise the presence of keys in different models does not provide significant advantages. Screen There is no built-in display in the controllers. Various indicators may be present. The process information is display on the device screen. As a rule controllers are compatible with all screens. Weight The average weight of the controller is kg.

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Depending on the specific model the parameters may differ both up and down. During installation there are no problems that the weight of the device will be too large and the connection will be unreliable. When BTC Email List choosing a controller you should not pay attention to this parameter since everything depends on the number of components which directly affects the functionality of the device. So far no models have been made that are too heavy which would be problematic in installation and not suitable for any systems. Dimensions Dimensions are a more significant parameter than weight. Manufacturers are trying to make sure that the controller can fit into any unit when connectd.

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