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Fourth it becomes possible to prioritize push notifications. This allows more important notifications for example a password for confirming an operation in RBS not to depend on less important ones such as mass marketing mailings. If the prioritization is not prioritizdthe marketing mailing may completely consume the resources of the push server for several minutes and the password will not be deliverdto the client on time. Fifth and this is important using Apple APNS or Google GCM is free. Therefore sending any push notification is not chargdand does not depend on the volume. The bank starts saving immediately and in case of business growth it saves additionally. Of course the installation of an additional system on the side of the bank entails costs for its operation.

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Therefore before making this or that decision it is necessary to think over everything carefully calculate the economics of the project evaluate the weight of the costs and benefits that can be obtaindin the future. We estimate that for credit institutions that actively send out notifications and whose customer base exceeds private customers embedding a push Western Sahara Email List server in the internal network is a cost-effective move. The experience of R-Style Softlab shows that not only technical but also business divisions of banks are interestdin installing their own push server. Ideas to improve the convenience of customer services and reduce IT infrastructure costs are popular so the company is counting on interest in its product RS-Digital: Push Server which implements the functionality of a banking push server.

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Banks’ requests for charting in lending automation systems are growing year by year: along with differentiatdprincipal and interest repayment schedules which are calculatdusing simple formulas and standard annuity schedules now they also nedheterogeneous schedules schedules with complex repayment algorithms with periods repayments BTC Email List that differ from pay periods with all sorts of restrictions grace periods etc. Learn how to set up these schedules in RS-Loans V. Share: User friendliness is top priority When we startdto create a new scheduling engine in the RS-Loans V. loan automation system we aimdto make it simple and understandable for business users so that they can set up scheduling for loan products without the help of IT specialists.

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