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Cinema is the mirror of society in continuous evolution. We interviewed luca proto, operator and distributor.  To get an updated picture of italy. If it’s true that the content.  And the way we relate to them, say a lot about us, then maybe it’s worth.  Understanding how our tastes and interests are changing and in which direction.  We’re going. In this sense, cinema can help us.  Do you know another means of mass communication (in addition to radio).  That has accompanied people, more or less indiscriminately, for more than a century? Cinema is the mirror of our society, constantly evolving. Let’s see together with luca proto how it has adapted to changes over the decades and how it is perceived today.

The cinema today. How has it changed

Download the calendar imageimage exertor, distributor and film programmer. Latest Database For more than 25 years luca proto has been committ to developing the seventh art in our country. He has been vice president of anec (national association.  Of cinema exertings) for three years and president of the.  Tre venezie delegation for seven. As a merchant of the multisala metropolis. (in bassano del grappa in the province of vicenza) he is part of the independent consortium . Unici – unione cinema. As a distributor, he is an agent for the triveneto . Of musa and some independent companies including I wonder pictures and want. The cinema today. How has it chang compar to the past? How is it changing? 

How is cinema perceived today? What are the differences

Cinema has chang a lot, and it keeps changing fast compar to  BTC Database US the past.With regard to the public.  However, in the last twenty years the number of spectators entering the halls.  Has rarely deviat from the threshold of 100 million tickets detach. Only the releases of checco zalone’s films allow us to see growing numbers. We must work to improve this data, which does not move despite the opening of new rooms. From this point of view we are in difficulty in europe; in france, to quote a country. The number of spectators per year is around 200 million. It is also true that in the last decade cinema has undergone many transformations.  Faster and more concentrat than those that took place over the course of the entire century: 

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