How to configure CloudFlare CDN

 they help us to know what is happening with our contacts . We can benefit from labels as a history . When we see a contact, its tags show us a map of what that contact has interacted with (as long as we assign those tags), what interest it has, etc. We can also trigger automations thanks to these tags. For example, if we label a contact “Has attended the webinar” we can start a sales automation for product X. Likewise, we can use labels to remove a contact from an automation . For example, when a contact becomes a customer… We will label them customer, right? Well, when I have that “customer of product X” tag, I can now remove it from the sales automation of that product. You no longer need to receive any more sales emails. 

Configure Cloud

In the last episode Sergio asked me for a tutorial to configure WPRocket, and in that tutorial I had him connected with CloudFlare, a free CDN that is very easy to configure and that will speed up your website a lot. So, again, Sergio Franco from executive data wants to know how to configure CloudFlare to integrate it with WProcket. Answer Again, since this is a tutorial, I wanted to separate it from.

executive data

The confirmation email again 

To improve this, we can in Settings > Advanced check “I will be responsible for managing my own email authentication” , generate the DKIM and the SenderID to put them on your website’s server or wherever you manage your website’s DNS. Even so, if it is already late and you have many unconfirmed contacts. For example, recently a colleague had a few BTC Email List  hundred unconfirmed contacts in just a few days in a launch. As you will understand, there is a lot of money at stake here, and not only that. People who expect to receive your content and who are not receiving it. Bad publicity in the future. Well, here I think the easiest solution is to create.

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