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Through balancing cluster performance is increasd query processing is acceleratd. Clusters on virtual machines The susceptibility of physical hosts to failures is overcome by online connection of virtual machines. They gain access to the necessary nodes and ensure the smooth operation of the system. Clustering virtual machines is relevant for services that work with important databases. This guarantees reliable backup of information and processes. The behavior of nodes in a virtual cluster does not differ from the behavior of a physical one. At the same time there is a saving on the equipment necessary to create a network and maintenance is simplifid. Clusters on physical servers Physical servers do not yield their positions to virtual ones when creating clusters. They represent a local network of interconnectd nodes.

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This group is characterizd by one IP address is used; highsped networks are usd to exchange information. To form a cluster it is convenient to place equipment in a relatively compact space. This makes it easier Ecuador Email List to connect nodes to a common group. Additional equipment is also usd including racks shelves racks for physical and compact placement of equipment ease of maintenance. Geoclusters The purpose of geoclusters is to provide access to information in cases where a data center service fails. The algorithm of actions is the following a request from the client application arrives at the geocluster.

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The node routes it to the main data center; if the data center is unavailable the request is redirect to the object’s backup copy. The data in both processing centers are in an uptodate state. Geocluster is an BTC Email List important tool in the operation of online services ensuring the continuity of their operation and customer service. Checking prerequisites Creating a high availability cluster starts with prerequisite control. This requires make sure that the servers that should act as cluster nodes are compatible that they use the same operating systems for management; check the equipment for support by the creatd configuration; provide nodes access to storage that can be addd later.

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