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As many companies can no longer afford to  mismatched talent, the need for informal interviews in favor of traditional interviews has increased. rate of casual interviews but given the background that companies having difficulty recruiting are actively introducing casual interviews there is a good chance they will be doing the next interview I can say that. However, even casual interviews have many failures and require careful preparation.

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Informal Interview and an Interview The Difference UK Mobile Number List Between an Informal Interview and an Interview Difference Between an Informal Interview and an Interview The expectation of a job seeker in an informal interview is that they want to learn about the company in order to decide whether to apply. On the other hand, in general interviews, applicants apply to get a job opportunity.

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And work experience, and clothing suits s BTC Email List o that the company can decide whether to agree to hire them. Casual interview is not selection but interview is selection There is no selection factor in casual interview. Since it is a process of considering whether to enter the interview selection process, both job seekers and companies can exchange information in a relaxed atmosphere.

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