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As now for example we visit some portal through Facebook or VKontakte by clicking on a special button. Banks will be able to identify customers remotely which means they can enter new regions without opening branches in them. This will significantly reduce costs and increase the efficiency of work. These changes in the legislation are closely relatdto the possibility of transferring biometric data which in fact is necessary in order for a person to be able to enter his personal account on the bank’s website and perform the relevant operations that previously requirdhis personal presence and identification at the branch. The video image and voice will also serve for extendduser identification in RBS.

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The collection of biometric data will be carridout including on the basis of banks. Already now at the request of the client credit institutions are obligdto transfer his biometric data to the EBS UnifidBiometric System associatdwith the ESIA. It is assumdthat from the beginning of this responsibility will be assigndto all financial institutions that are entitldto register Cabo Verde Email List people in the ESIA. Technically the bank also needs a connector to transfer biometric data. Our company offers this opportunity within a single module that allows you to connect to the ESIA and EBS. There is another technological aspect – to collect biometric information the bank will nedspecial equipment. It will not be possible to simply take a picture of a person this will have to be done on certain devices that meet the standards.

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In order to purchase the necessary equipment for all departments considerable funds will have to be invested. And nevertheless despite the additional expenses the connection process will not stop. Summarizing BTC Email List and supplementing all of the above I would name two reasons for this inevitable process: opening up business opportunities and moving to a new level of customer analysis. Having access to the ESIA banks will be able to almost issue passports which means they can interact with people on non-financial issues. We are talking about the accumulation on the territory of the bank of opportunities for servicing pension areas and the provision of documents on taxes.

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