Create Social Guidelines and a Crisis

Thinking ahead about how to respond when a troll or nightmare comes along will help your brand appear as level-headed as possible if trouble starts brewing. The best reputations don’t just come from carefully managing your tone and image — they come from offering genuine value to your community and cultivating connections.

Hershey has partnered with the music initiative and uses its social platform to showcase the organization’s work. Pretty sweet move. Because it’s a candy company? And also a nice thing to do? You get it, you get it.

How can you brand give back and participate? How can your brand be generous and helpful to everyone else? Try creating a facebook group for your fans. Respond to comments with respect and warmth. Ask your community questions and shout-out major contributors. Run a giveaway or contest.

The Trick to Consistent Engaging Social

Be a good pal, and a stellar reputation is sure to follow. Of course, not all brand-building happens online. You can establish brand awareness by contributing to your community in concrete ways like sponsoring events, offering corporate donations, or facilitating employees’ participation in charity work.

Explore more ways to build business lead your brand awareness and reputation here. Partnering up with other brands, influencers and ambassadors can be an amazing opportunity to get creative and spread the word about your brand. But teaming up with anyone means that you might catch heat for any of their mistakes.

A little research before you partner with another organization or person is always a good idea. Do their past posts align with your values? Have they been the subject of any controversy or drama that might put your company on the defensive?

Contribute to Your Community

Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t mean they’re the right ambassador for your brand. Whether someone’s totally trashing you or signing your praises, you’re going to want to know.

Set up hootsuite streams to catch all the BTC Email List hot goss, right on your dashboard. Streams allows you to create custom feeds with social posts relevant to your business.

You can filter posts by account, keyword, hashtags, and even location. Streams display posts along with public comments and reactions, helping you effortlessly keep up with important conversations happening in your industry. You can also set up a stream with your own content to keep an eye on how your posts are doing and easily engage with comments and reactions.

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