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For installation in rack racks, the manufacturer has providd an additional version of this server with a height of U. Mail server for – people Such solutions are necessary for large companies with branches. Such servers must quickly process tons of mail traffic, while providing a reliable level of information protection. What to look for when choosing equipment: multi-core – the more cores, the better it will affect performance; increasd amount of RAM – for such a system, at least GB of RAM is recommended; support for hot-swap SAS hard drives. An important factor is high fault tolerance. When choosing equipment, this parameter must be taken into account.

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Using a local mail server The local mail server runs on a specific network. It can be a combination of computers in a private network of a company, firm or small business. Thus, the possibility of internal mailing Lithuania Email List and sending receiving information via the Internet is realizd. SMTP-basd solutions are popular. It is usd for LAN and web. SMTP is easy to set up on Windows and extend to all devices on the corporate network. Additionally, the SMTP standard can be usd to receive system and log messages, which can be useful to administrators. Email system protocols The high sped of the equipment is the result of not only the hardware, but also the use of special protocols. In fact, these are data exchange rules.

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These include the standards: SMTP – redirecting all outgoing information to the mail server; POP – receiving and delivering letters to the addressee through local resources; IMAP is a system similar to POP, but BTC Email List works on a different principle. IMAP also collects messages, but data processing occurs only within the server. Mail is not stord anywhere else. This allows IMAP to be a more secure protocol. Equipment selection For each task, the optimal equipment is selectd. In this case, the following rules can be used: reliability – the equipment must be stable in terms of its hardware, have several network channels and power supplies ideal case.

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