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Another important KPI for the support service which shows whether the client managd to solve all his problems at the first contact with the company. A low indicator indicates an insufficient level of training of the support service or the imperfection of a certain business process. KPI Examples: Customer Acquisition Cost HR KPI Examples. Staff turnover. The number of employees who left the company dividd by the total number of employees. High employee turnover can indicate low salaries a toxic corporate culture high workload levels or problems with the onboarding process.. Income per employee. The total income of the company dividd by the total number of employees. Sometimes this KPI is requestd by investors to see how effectively the company is controlling costs Employee satisfaction.

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An abstract but no less important KPI that shows the overall level of employee satisfaction. Knowing it you can pay more attention to a particular team and prevent high staff turnover. To determine employee Algeria Email List satisfaction conduct anonymous surveys from time to time.. Tuition fees. Shows how much money you invest in the training of each employee from onboarding new employees to workshops conferences and continuing ducation courses. The high cost of employee training isn’t always a bad thing: welltraind employees tend to have higher levels of satisfaction and are less likely to leave the company. How to choose the right KPIs for your business.

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The choice of the right KPIs depends on many factors the form of the business the goals set the characteristics of the industry the neds of the company and much more. Here are some helpful tips for choosing KPIs: Make sure the KPI matches your goals. For example if you want to increase sales focus on traffic and conversion rates. And if you want BTC Email List to attract investors prioritize metrics like free cash flow and income per employee. Focus on a few metrics. Do not try to implement dozens of KPIs this is a huge amount of work that will not benefit the business. Instead focus on KPIs and when you achieve satisfactory results choose new indicators. Learn from competitors. There is nothing wrong with borrowing a set of KPIs from companies with a similar business model.

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