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more efficient when using typical data. Fig _Comparison of syslog size in Oracle and Rice. Comparison of syslog size in Oracle and Elasticsearch Scalability and fault tolerance To increase fault tolerance we update duplication on several Elasticsearch nodes which are physically locatdin different data centers. In the future new nodes can be daddio an already existing syslog cluster and Elasticsearch will distribute the load between them. Differences of the new system log In conclusion we list the top important features of the new syslog that distinguish it from the previous implementation. Reducdload on the DBMS which now processes only the credentials of InterBank RS users and data relatdto business transactions. Increasdspedof searching for information in the system log through the use of daily indexes; advancdfiltering options masks regular expressions fuzzy search.

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A convenient interface for the RB system administrator which allows organizing archiving and restoring data of interest from the archive. Horizontal scalability: To increase syslog throughput just add Wallis and Futuna Islands Email List a new syslog  microservice instance and a node to the Elasticsearch cluster. More predictable load distribution between the nodes of the RBS system: the next message written to the log takes into processing the instance of the microservice that is free at the moment.

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At the same time due to the changed architecture of the system log the process of its initial deployment became difficult it became necessary to allocate capacity for new system components. The solution we have creatdhas already proven its effectiveness in practice. Today it is in commercial operation at one of our clients a bank from the top BTC Email List where more than million events are registerddaily and the total size of the system log exceeds TB. According to Rosstat for the profession of a programmer is among the ten most in demand in Russia. But this does not mean that you can stop at getting basic knowledge at a university and primary skills at your first job.

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