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What is B2B Marketing?
B2B marketing is when a business has a service or product that benefits other businesses. This marketing is on a much smaller scale than selling to the general public. The advantage of this type of selling is that the product price point is higher because the service is more complex.

Because consumers have changed, some of the basic selling factors are also changing. This includes the entire sales funnel, or buyer’s purchase journey. There will also be a direct change in customer service and the ongoing relationship between buyers and the company.

potential customers
Let’s start with who you’re targeting and why it affects the rest of your marketing strategy.

Awareness of a brand or product

B2C marketing is marketing that attempts to sell to individuals. They are likely to purchase a single product only once. In most cases, there is no need to purchase two of the same product.
This allows you to reach more potential customers through a more efficient transaction process. Appealing to the masses means spending less time on individual targeting and focusing on more general targeting.

General targeting can still mean niche audiences. Selling residential phone numbers sports equipment is different from selling makeup. Your customers may overlap, but your marketing strategies may not.

The general public is always evolving, so brands that sell to them are much more likely to update their brands at a faster rate.
Ad targeting can be simpler and more automated. Reduce the time it takes for leads to reach certain stages of their buying journey.


Businesses that sell to other businesses typically keep their brands stable and similar. Evolution happens, but much more slowly than when appealing to individuals. Products change less than people.

Key Differences for Better Marketing Success

Audience targeting is done in a much more personalized and hands-on way. Although some parts of BTC Email List the process may be automated, a sales business will likely rely on employees to make cold calls initially.

sales journey
The sales journey is the core of any business plan. Every step plays an important role in the final goal or success of the sale. This is where you can see several differences between B2B marketing strategies and B2C. This is directly affected by who we do business with.

Your sales journey should be as efficient as possible for your customers. Shorter attention spans and more product options to choose from. This provides a much more transactional experience.
This is usually done in one step. Or, it can be automated in just a few steps. Think email sequencing, advertising to confirm the payment experience, etc. The entire process should be hassle-free so as not to waste the consumer’s time.

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