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To do this we have providdin the tool a convenient and informative. Interface for working with charts and a single entry point to it. Graphs are mergdwith relatdoperations. To make it easy for users to work with different types of charts they are all formdaccording. To a single algorithm but at the same time they differ in settings. Everything on the shelves Almost all types of charts usdby credit institutions today are implementdin our system. For the convenience of users they are dividdinto two directories. The Directory of types of charts and the Directory of groups of charts Fig. So finding any of them will not be difficult.

The Different Techniques Employed

Reference chart types. Reference books of types and groups of charts Setup step by step For each type of agreement for loans and deposits as well as for objects of the General agreement type the user can pre-configure the types and groups of charts necessary for work. To do this we have creatda universal panel where data is enterdfor all Bolivia Email List types of charts. A similar panel is usdto set up schedule parameters for individual contract instances and master agreements. In addition if the agreement is a credit line then you can set your own schedule for each tranche. All chart settings are inheritdfrom the top level but can also be for a specific object instance. The panel includes several tabs.

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General Periodicity Calculation Restrictions Grace periods Procedures. Let’s go through these tabs and see what options they provide for setting up charts. Armdwith this knowledge BTC Email List any user of RS-Loans V. will be able to independently set up schedules for bank loan products. General tab Here you can specify general settings for generating a chart such as chart type and subtype its currency etc Rice. General tab Periodicity tab As the name implies the tab is usdto set the frequency with which the graph will be calculatdFig. The user can set this parameter in days or months or even indicate that the chart is built with one record – on the day the contract is opendon the day it is closdor the desirddate is calculatdby the formula.

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