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Markets caus by the digital transformation. SF Has the original vision been achiev VT Sure The introduction of the BPMN engine in our open source CRM vtenext has made it possible to break down many business obstacles by eliminating organizational waste at the root. Now the data of each company silo can be import synchroniz and manag by the vtenext processes engine.  the CRM processes can be easily design implement and automat for the benefit of the whole organization and their customers.  activate actions on the ERP and vice versa thanks to the process orchestration between the two services done by vtenext. By using vtenext even in the presence of other CRMs its possible to manage the business processes from.

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Beginning to end. Also if you are already using different services or software this approach significantly improves response time and collaboration among departments and final customers. By Community Team September th On this day in American computer Bulk SMS Singapore scientist and one of intelligence John McCarthy was born. McCarthy was born in Boston and attend Caltech and Princeton University where he receiv a Ph.D. in mathematics. He later develop the LISP programming language family while he was a professor at MIT and coin the term artificial intelligence. He also populariz timesharing and influenc the design of the ALGOL programming.

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Language among many other contributions particularly in the field of AI.By Community Team September nd For our September Community Choice Project of the Month the community elect Tcl the Tool Command Language implementation. Tcl is a very powerful highlevel but easy to learn dynamic programming language suitable for a broad BTC Email List variety of uses web and desktop applications network programming embd development system administration testing and many more. Open source and businessfriendly Tcl is a mature yet evolving language that is truly crossplatform easily deploy and highly extensible. Tcl has been widelyus since its creation in by John Ousterhout and has been call the bestkept secret in the.

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