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The devices of this system do not belong to the same server. They can be usd by all network users. Dividing disk space into multiple volumes can be implementd. They are allocatd to specific host servers. It is worth noting that these volumes are independent of the SAN elements and their location. Users can access the information store as in the previous system but here the store can be removd from the clients. NAS These systems are also calld file servers. They provide users with their resources to share the files they contain and directory locations. Clients use protocols for network access to data as well as block access to storage. This is necessary when processing user requests.

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Due to the fact that this storage system operates over a network the storage can be locatd at a great distance. Many functions can be usd in this system due to the large number of storage systems. unifid storage Unifid storage is a universal information storage system. It combines the two technologies mentiond above. This is implementd in a common Iran Email List integratd solution. Generic type stores make it possible to use file and block access types simultaneously. Management of these devices is simpler which is providd by special programs for centralizd control. SDS This is one of the newest options.

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This storage system is softwaredefind. This is a specially design software usd to build an automatic IT ecosystem that would not be tide to equipment. The system is flexible for many tasks and economical. Hyper BTC Email List Converge Systems These systems are of a modular type. They can be quickly and easily scald up to the require power level which is a significant advantage. Hyperconvergd systems provide the ability to control integrate technologies as a common system through a control console. In addition they can be expand by introducing new nodes to the main module. Common use cases involve resource virtualization.

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