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You should also check the account requirements so that you have all the necessary permissions to access all servers and to perform clustering. Installing the Failover Clustering Tool Fault tolerance settings are set on the nodes that are includd in the overall structure. The algorithm of actions looks something like this although it may have its own distinctive features the server manager is launchd a transition is made to management; components are selectd the necessary marks are placed; specifies the type of failover clustering; confirmd actions and choices; the system is loggd out. Before carrying out the procedure it is important to update the programs usd. Configuration check The hardware settings must be compatible with the failover cluster. This requires special testing.

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The operation requires at least two nodes otherwise it is not possible to run separate tests. To test the configuration on the server you should start Failover Cluster Manager; select the appropriate scan task; wait for testing to complete examine the results. You should proced to creating a cluster providd that there are no inconsistencies in the Egypt Email List configuration. If the report contains information about shortcomings or failures then first steps are taken to eliminate them. Create a Failover Cluster The process of forming an HA cluster depends on the operating system usd. For Windows Server operations are performd in Failover Cluster Manager.

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Here the menu for creating clusters is selected; enter the names of servers that ned to be addd to the system during clustering. All actions taken on the confirmation page are checked; cluster formation starts. A check is made for the successful completion of the operation. After the configuration is creatd it is fully testd and a test BTC Email List run is made. Creating Clusterd Roles When creating a cluster or while using it a feature is available that allows you to set all or individual nodes to perform a set of actions or roles. This allows you to differentiate the execution of operations by different servers improve system performance.

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