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Client authentication is valid for a specific client session with RS-Bot. Moreover within the same session the user can perform several different actions that require additional confirmation. For example when making payments according to templates within one service session. The client will not ned to authenticate before calling each new template. But the fact of consent to making a payment will have to be confirmd each time. RS-Bot should be treatd with special responsibility when performing financial transactions. After all we must accurately find out all the wishes of the client and not think of anything for him. Therefore RS-Bot having determind from the client’s remark his intention to perform a financial transaction then conducts a dialogue with him from the Yes / No category during which he selects objects accounts templatesand actions from fixd lists in order to eliminate all possible discrepancies.

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So to the interlocutor’s remark Pay me for the phone RS-Bot first finds out from the dialogue that the client needs to pay according to the template asks to select a specific template for payment and then step Aruba Email List by step asks the client all the parameters necessary for making the payment: phone number amount etc. Each existing topic that interacts with RS-Bot can be customized changd and expanded. The entire business process is presentd in the form of a graphic diagram drawn up in the BPMN editor. By creating your own business processes in this editor you can expand the distribution capabilities of RS-Bot supplementing them with new themes.

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Conclusion Remote banking has finally enterd the life of bank customers. It is much more convenient to pay utility bills or make a money transfer sitting comfortably at home at any time of the day than BTC Email List to get to the nearest bank branch during business hours. In addition the principles of communication and obtaining information have now changd significantly: all kinds of instant messengers chats and social networks have become widespread. Siri and Alice have already pavd the way for a new form of communication in these channels. Now it’s the turn of the financial bots who will readily try to find answers to any question askd of them.

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