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Select for us. seo discover Evergreen content what is it and how does it relate to Google Discover Evergreen content is evergreen content that generates page views over a long period of time. Why is evergreen content so important to Google Discover Because its publication brings great benefits, it has a better chance compar to other articles to appear in the Discover tab. Evergreen content is content that is recycl . What does it mean It is being updat. Over time, older articles are enrich with a paragraph or supplement bas on current knowlge. In this way, the content does not expire, it is timeless always green An interesting fact is that the content on.

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Google Discover is not always the freshest. There are many immortal topics, even guide topics, for example Ways to ruce fever , or Blue screen of the computer how to deal with the blue screen – this is the content that appears on Google Discover Special Database with high frequency. Discover how to get there Get to know the most important Google criteria Websites must meet several requirements for their content to be visible on Google Discover. First of all the aforemention service is intend for users using the Google mobile application. Therefore, we must ensure that our website is responsive.

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How to make content appear in the Discover tab One of the first things we should think about is the EAT Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness metric for quality content. Here are three parameters that Google takes into account when evaluating entries. The first one refers to the author of the article an expert in a given field. It is therefore worth ensuring that the authors of the content leave a trace a short biographical note, a photo and links to BTC Email List previous publications. The second parameter is helpful in determining authority in the field or industry.

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