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I would like to write this. In the group. Using the example of the Tolstoy. Wear group we see the administrator s signature under the news on the wall. And in the contacts block it is written how , with whom and on what issue you can contact. Boring and same type news does not retain subscribers. Do you think it s interesting for people to read news that has no likes , reposts , or comments. Such a group will automatically seem boring , dead . We will not attract or retain the audience in the group with such news. Likes , reposts and comments are not the main.

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Still important indicators of audience activity. This is a direct answer to photo editing servies the question do people like the group? I m sure it s difficult to achieve audience activity and loyalty in a short time. But there are proven methods to achieve this goal. How to increase activity? It is important to understand the language of communication , style and presentation of news for the target audience. In addition to news about the company. You can publish funny thematic pictures and current news. Surveys , competitions and quizzes , useful tips and much more interesting things. If the news is exclusively about.

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The company, this is banal advertising. Broom and no feedback. Divide BTC Email List your news into topics. We at Drumian work according to an action Schule , in which the news fee is dived into types brand content useful content hidden content entertainment content Add variety. Don’t use just one type of content for your posts. For example , only photographs or text. Publish different types of content to attract people with different patterns of perception of information audio , video , graphics , text , etc.  Articles that no one reads. The variety and usefulness of content does not guarantee. You interest subscribers and an increase.

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