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Often application administrators nekton search for the current day or week less often for a month. The older the data the less likely it is to be accessed. But even the oldest data must be searchable. In a syslog bassoon a relational DBMS in order to optimize. A size of the database it was necessary to limit the storage period for example to three months. The rest of the records were in the form of backup copies backups. Regular exportimport of some tables was done manually and requirdthe involvement of a system administrator. Thus the bank employee could not get old records from the system log promptly and without approval.

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The new system log implements convenient mechanisms for creating backups and importing data from the repository. First of all a scheme for dividing data by time was implemented: a new index is creatdevery day in Elasticsearch terminology Fig. Fig _Data storage organization Rice. Organization of data storage Backing up has become an easy procedure: at Central African Republic Email List the end of the day a backup copy of the previous day’s index is automatically creatdand placdin a repository that is shardby all Elasticsearch nodes. Administrators can set the duration of the existence of data in the operational part of the system log the rest of the data will be in the repository.

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For application administrators the system log page now has a visual interface where they can force the checkout of out-of-date data to the repository and import out-of-date data that needs to be searchdin Figure on the left. System log page in the Worker’s workstation Data size According to statistics of entries in the system log account for the interaction BTC Email List of Inter Bank RS with external systems. Typically the content of such records are XML documents. One of the features of the XML format in terms of storage is its redundancy that is the possibility of compression. Let’s compare the syslog sizes in Oracle and Elasticsearch Figure. Both stores show a linear relationship between the amount of events longhand the size of the store but Elasticsearch-basdsyslog.

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