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An advertisement. However, the fundamental motivation for sponsored content is similar to native advertising, that is, by incorporating advertisements into the original content of the platform to suppress consumer advertising recognition, many consumers are unaware that they are watching advertisements. with. Like any other type of native advertising, the content of sponsorship on social media may be difficult to correctly identify by the Federal Trade Commission because of its ambiguous nature.

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Native advertising often bypasses this net impression  latest database  standard, which makes it a problem. [Need to quote ] Types of sponsored content Sponsored video Sponsored video involves content producers/influencers including or referring to services/products within a specific time in their video. This type of sponsorship is evident in all types and production levels of video content. The issue of transparency between content producers and sponsors regarding the endorsement guidelines established by the Federal Trade Commission has been controversial.

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 [12] Most sponsored videos contain profiles or contracts, and may vary from customer to customer, and affect specific requirements such as the nature of product promotion and the length of the promotion period. Famous companies participating in this industry include Audible, Squarespace, Crunchyroll and Vanity Planet. [13] [14] Sponsored social media posts Sponsored   BTC Email List   social media posts are usually composed of content producers/influencers, which include or refer to services within a specific time in a single or series of social media posts /product.

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