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Loading time is ruc because users do not ne to be rirectto the device- Loading time is  optimizview. Improves crawl efficiency and saves resources when Googlebot scans the website. responsive design MODEL OR MOCKUP The model or mockup allows us to structure our website through a graphic representation . We can also create prototypes so that they can be executin browsers and with different links, through web sketches. COLOR Corporate colors should base the color range of a website to provide a certain character and style . There are tools that also facilitate the task of creating color ranges, such as Adobe Color CC.

The typography and its size

TYPOGRAPHY The typography and its size should reinforce the style of the website . To be able to choose correctly, we can use Google Fonts, which offers hundrs of different fonts for free with application demos. The use of unconventional fonts forces browsers to switch to conventional fonts (Open Sans,  B2b Email List Roboto, PT Sans, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica…), breaking the style for some users. GRAPHIC ELEMENTS Today’s websites are completely dynamic (especially bas on PHP language thanks to CMS) and allow the insertion of all types of multimedia

Combining these elements in a creative way is

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elements, either as part of the structure, architecture and navigation of the page, or as Of content. Combining these elements in a creative way is easier every day thanks to CMS , which allows us to create dynamic tables or graphs, interactive buttons, games, social network widgets or emb videos as a page background or slider. Some graphic elements that we can use in the  development of our website may be: icons, photographs and images, videos and music. In short, many aspects  B2b Leads must be taken into account when developing a user interface, since it can be more difficult than it seems. However, work must be done to ensure that this interface i

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