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To calculate the net income the miner must subtract from the amount receivd from the mining maintenance costs; rental price if any; spending on electricity and the Internet; money spent on equipment. The tariff for electricity and the chosen currency matter. On average a farm pays for itself in months and for ASICs it happens faster. However in the case of unreasonably expensive equipment the net profit can begin only after a few years. Too cheap electronics is also not profitable it breaks down and needs to be replacd. What kind of internet is needd for a mining farm? The main requirement for the Internet is stability. Speeds do not pay much attention since the standard connection that the miner uses on home devices is enough for the farm.

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However in order for the computer to receive new tasks from the pool server as quickly as possible and transmit solutions it is worth choosing providers with the smallest ping from Kbps. The higher the Laos Email List ping the more late decisions and less income. In case of failure it is important to have a backup communication channel. WiFi is not suitable for mining due to a lot of interference. Industrial farms use a gateway server special switches and wird routers. Despite modern communication technologies, e-mail remains an invariable attribute of communication with customers and employees. A company that thinks about its image should take care of having its own mail server.

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What is a mail server The mail server is a specialize software that works only with electronic messages. To deploy the operation of this software, hardware capacities are requird. Obviously, the more BTC Email List you plan to receive / transmit letters, the higher the requirements for equipment. A computer that has the appropriate software installd and works only for e-mail is calld a file server. It can be either physical a fully dedicatd machine or virtual. In the latter case, several servers can be organizd on one computer, the power is distributd equally between them.

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