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In some cases you can use an external USB adapter. It will perform the same functions. This type of network cards is universal and has the simplest possible connection. Network cables There are three main types of cables usd here coaxial an outdatd model rarely usd for modern networks and suitable only for lowpower equipment; fiber optic has high sped and higher cost; twistd pair cable is the most common option with good value for money. Cable networks Cable networks are the communication infrastructure. It is usd to transmit a signal. These networks contain the main station which acts as a source a trunk cable as well as a converter which is the receiving device.

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The transmittd signals are determine by the type of cable network usd. The signal may be an indicator of another signal power or data. Optical modules Optical modules are fiber optic Comoros Email List transceivers. They look like a mediumsizd device in a case made of metal or other material. On one side of the module are contacts. They are requird to connect the device to the main equipment which is often a router. There are ports on the reverse side of the optical module. They are closd with a special plug and are usd to connect the cable. Console cables The console cable is usd to connect the computer to switches routers and other network devices.

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Thanks to this cable connection to equipment that does not have a network address is providd. It also provides access to the boot menu using only the serial port. Optical patch codes Optical patch codes BTC Email List are indispensable elements in the currently usd structurd cabling systems. This is a piece of optical cable the length of which is from. m. The optical patchcode is crimpd on both sides with connectors of the corresponding standard. It is often usd for switching switchgears. Switchgear and active equipment can also be connectd. The fiber must be producd according to the requirements of international standards.

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