Marketing Trends for 2017 that you may not know

Do you know what the Marketing trends are in 2017? What marketing strategies will continue to flourish? In this post I will tell you about 10 trends for 2017, which I think will be important and that you can adopt or improve in your marketing strategy for the new year. Now that we are ending 2016, it is important to know where Digital Marketing is moving in 2017 and what type of strategies we can apply in our online business. For this reason, I have decided to compile information from many expert sources related to Digital Marketing, and make a list of trends according to.

What I have seen

Most notable in each of them. It is a list in no particular order, so all of them are important. No matter how many they have. Without further ado, we start with company data the Marketing trends for 2017. For example, advertising campaigns on social networks are being. Automated to achieve better results, as well as publications on various social platforms. Automation in email marketing campaigns also allows brands to send emails at certain times and according to the behavior of their audience, which favors better opening rates in their shipments. Fewer posts or emails is more and automation can help you achieve better results, so it is a good strategy that you can adopt.

company data

It is no longer new

Because it has been a trend for several years, but the truth Is that it is still very important and in 2017 it will. Also be so since many of the queries that users make. Daily BTC Email List are made on mobile devices. marketing trends – mobile marketing. The continuous rise of Smartphones makes brands and companies. Worry about adapting their websites to mobile devices. Making them responsive and with an optimized loading. Speed in order to improve the user experience, much. Discussed in 2016 and valued by Google in web positioning. 

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