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In practice, however, the amount of emotions use in marketing, as well as the finesse with which they can be operate, often surprises even marketers. Emotions may or may not be relate to the purchasing process (fear, hopes). Different researchers classify different basic emotions – from two (positive and negative) to about 30. Paul Ekman lists anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise among the basic emotions, and Zamuner adds love, peace, compassion, anxiety and boreom. An example of an emotion rarely discusse is guilt, which often influences the final purchase and is overlooke by most specialists.

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The study “The Meaningful Shift” shows that shopping positively affects the mood of the majority of respondents around the world. Nevertheless, almost two-thirds of the world’s sample try to consume only what they really nee. “Guilt in whatsapp mobile number list the buying process is calle ‘consumer guilt’. It can be an opportunity for the marketer to influence the customer in the customer’s decision-making process.” – as note in “Conceptualizing Guilt in the Consumer Decision-making Process” publishe in 1994. How can you reuce consumer guilt? For example, by offering them sustainable practices and products.

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We recommend Customization, is there a customer who doesn’t love it? Marketers have been pointing out for some time that customers’ emotions nee to be transferre to the online world, where today the consumer’s decision-making process BTC Email List often takes place. This requires specific means, because it is impossible to influence all the senses as in the real world, and it is the senses that are the easiest way to evoke specific emotions. For example, an image or text must therefore replace sounds and smells.

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