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One easy solution is to join Google AdSense. The service automatically determines which ads will be of interest to site users. It’s free but the downside is that you won’t be able to manually control what exactly is advertisd on the pages.. Ebook If your experience and advice is difficult to fit into a series of courses or checklists it may be time to write your own book. Publishing an ebook is much easier than usual: you do not ned to enter into a contract with a publisher which means that all the profit from sales will go to you. In addition an ebook is much easier to distribute for example through a website.

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If you want to give the book a professional look hire an ditor to correct mistakes improve the style and make the book more comfortable to read.. Paid product and service reviews Paid reviews are the sweet spot Special Database between direct and native advertising. If enough people visit your site invite brands that are relevant to your industry to submit products for review. Be sure to negotiate the right to impartial reviews in the contract then you will not find yourself in a situation where you have to praise a product that is obviously of poor quality.

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Webinars If creating video courses seems too costly and complicatd share your experience and skills in a webinar format. Ideally a webinar should last about an hour so you can fit in a lot of information without BTC Email List overworking your listeners. After the webinar share its recording so that webinar participants can listen to it again and refresh important points in their memory. A few days before the start of the webinar be sure to announce it on various platforms: write a post on social networks and a blog article send a newsletter and create a separate landing page for it.

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