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The more productive the server, the faster the mailing and receiving of information; the mail server must be easy to maintain – complex software will require a support team every time an emergency occurs. Another important parameter is silence. This is true for equipment in a non-rack version, mountd in cabinets and work offices. Requirements to run your own mail server Here is an example of basic requirements: if hosting is used, the representative must allow the installation of their own software; provision of an external static IP address, public domain, PTR record – server addresses must be public and unchangd over time.

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The IP must point to your domain name; choosing the right email software client. It will be important to enter the mail server in the white list. Otherwise, other customers may perceive the newsletter as spam. For this reason, your IP range must be clear. Choosing a hosting provider Email hosting is no different from server hosting. In both cases, the provider Luxembourg Email List leases its hardware to customers. Most hosting providers offer free versions to their users. However, this is not always justifid – hosting is considerd competent in cases where incoming and outgoing electronic correspondence is servd by dedicatd equipment.

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What to look for when choosing a provider: tariffs and terms of use; server options; availability of technical support on site; protection level. An important criterion will also be the experience of the BTC Email List provider in the market for such services. What ports are needd for the mail server The SMTP protocol uses: port – incoming connections from other servers; port – own mail server; – Usd more for older email clients. The first two ports must have the security method set to STARTTLS. IMAP uses port . POP connects to work. For compatibility with different clients, the security methods should be set to SSL/TLS. Ports and are now practically not usd. Moreover, they are not encryptd.

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