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Several dozens of desktop computers are connectd to one server. A system is being creatd in which files can be sent for processing, and the result can be read at each location. Also, this solution allows you to get a common database, which simplifies the process of information exchange between departments. Accessories Like all types of servers, this one consists of several modules. Each is selectd taking into account the tasks, operating conditions and many other criteria. This takes into account that they must also be compatible and reliable. There are also ready-made assemblies that are producd to host C software. Motherboard As in the case of assembling any computer, all modules are basd on a common control board. It largely determines the compatibility of all elements.

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The service life of the server also depends on the quality of the motherboard. A large number of companies are engagd in the production of control boards. When choosing, their popularity, compatibility with certain processors is taken into account. CPU It is consider the main element of all servers. The processor is responsible for processing the data. The main Malta Email List characteristics are consider to be: Number of Cores. Almost all modern solutions have at least cores. There are options with more than. A more common solution is from to cores. The more, the faster the information will be processd. Work frequency. Measurd in GHz. The average is from The more, the more efficient the server will be.

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Technology usd in manufacturing. Each manufacturing company improves its developments. This has a positive effect on all performance indicators. Manufacturer. Today, Intel is considerd the leader, which BTC Email List is slightly inferior to AMD. There are many others that are little known. Modern technologies allow to create compact processors. At the same time, more and more attention is paid to cooling. Reducing the thermal package allows you to reduce the size of the cooling element. RAM Another important block that is installd when building the server. It is representd by a memory with a high sped of storing and reading information.

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