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This question it is important to understand the difference between these types of devices. First of all you should pay attention to the technical capabilities. The switch is more simple and primitive from a technical point of view. It is only able to work with MAC addresses. What are the types of routers? Such network equipment differs in connection type. Each router is endowd with WAN ports. Home Internet can be connectd in the following ways DSL by using a telephone line. Compatible with RJ connector Often usd in communities where it is not possible to extend the fiber optic cable. FTTb using the provider’s cable brought into the house.

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GPON the connection is made directly over the fiber. Provides high sped internet connection. G or G instead of cables they work via wireless cellular communications. A USB connector is sufficient for connection. Mobile Internet is usually usd in country houses. In addition universal models are producd in which there are several types of connection at El Salvador Email List once. However it is not advisable to purchase such a router for the home since many functions will not be useful. How is a router different from a network switch? To understand the differences it is worth paying attention to the principle of operation. The switch uses the cable layer during data transmission.

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Regarding the price buying a switch will cost less because it has limitd functionality. The router is able to compile routing tables in accordance with the settings specifid by the user and change them dynamically in real time. A switch can combine computer nodes into one network. However this device is not capable of providing Internet access unlike a router. Due BTC Email List to the small amount of transmittd data the switch has a higher data exchange rate. To make the right choice in a wide variety of devices on the market contact engineers. They will help you purchase equipment within the specifid budget. Server equipment an indispensable tool that is usd to solve professional problems.

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