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To design a cabinet you can use special applications such as SketchUp. For ASICs racks without walls are usually usd but trusses in boxes are also found. Racks are either metal or wood. A useful addition is the backlight. Soft If the miner downloads HiveOS to the drive and connects it to the motherboard he will be able to overclock video cards; check the performance of the equipment; launch or suspend cryptocurrency mining; set automatic shutdown of the system in case of overheating. However HiveOS is not enough to fully manage the farm. One of the reasons is that the motherboard consumes power even in standby mode which reduces the cooling performance.

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In this case it is appropriate to choose a special controller that responds to the inclusion of the motherboard and power supply. Programming The two main functions of the controller are remote control and Kuwait Email List telemetry verification. The easiest way is to use specializd cloud servers for example io; Arduino IoT Cloud Blynk; It is important that the chosen program allows the miner to monitor the temperature of the equipment and automatically reboot it in case of failure. It is advisable to remotely control faucets start or stop the process of crypto mining. The system should shut down when overheatd and restart automatically when it cools down.

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Interface Programs such as Blynk have mobile and web applications with intuitive menus. However the controller also has an interface. It is an OLd screen and an encoder with a key. When the controller BTC Email List is turnd on the display shows all available information hashrate; time elapsd since launch; temperature of the video card and immersion liquid; the cryptocurrency currently being mind. Pressing the encoder key opens the manual control menu. With its help the miner has the right to turn the system on and off regulate the operation of its components drive valves pump.

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