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However there are several elements that should be includ in every document of this type regardless of the industry, company size, budget or assum goal. Belong to them . DESCRIPTION OF THE OFFER AND THE TARGET GROUP The marketing action plan should start with a detail description of the company’s offer and its most important distinguishing features it is worth including here all information about the subject of activities that may help in gaining an advantage over the competition. It is equally important to define the target group and collect as much information as possible not only about.

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The age social status or interests of the recipients of the offer, but also their nes and expectations regarding the purchas goods or services.  ANALYSIS OF THE COMPANY’S INTERNAL SITUATION AND ITS ENVIRONMENT This part of the C Level Executive List document should take into account the current situation of the company, market size, development opportunities, as well as competition analysis. When analyzing the environment, not only other companie These analyzes should be prec by in depth research it can be time consuming, but it is the starting point for defining business goals. Also, don’t use the site’s logo as an image. google discover How Google Discover works When selecting the rig.

C Level Executive List

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The SWOT concept will be helpful here, among others, which allows you to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the company resulting from internal factors , as well as opportunities and threats for business resulting from external factors. SPECIFICATION OF MARKETING GOALS Always ask yourself What exactly do we want to achieve and what are we striving for . Defining specific, realistic and measurable marketing goals will allow you to set the direction of the promotional strategy as well as select and plan appropriate activities. ht BTC Email List materials for the user. It is also worth remembering that the graphics should be of the appropriate width the recommend value is at least pixels.

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