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In many ways an improve IT system helps to maintain or improve positions in a competitive environment. Readymade solutions allow you to achieve results much faster acting in the future. This is due to the advantages that converge architecture has makes it possible to resort to readymade solutions that have been testd and tested; simplifies the task of implementation training of specialists to work with it; provides a warranty from the manufacturer as well as the installation service provider; increases productivity data processing sped speeds up the process of customer service users; reduces the time to complete business operations; has the ability to increase the capacity volume of storage systems; guarantees the safety of data through backup.

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At the same time the business gets additional opportunities to coordinate and manage processes receive technical support for maintenance from the manufacturer. Disadvantages of the convergent model It is quite difficult to get away from the implementation of convergent architecture in the world of developing IT technologies due to the threat of lagging behind Djibouti Email List competitors. However the transition to it is also associatd with some inconveniences. This is due to the following factors increasd dependence on the developer of a particular model its hardware and software components and products; there is a ned for additional data protection when it comes to personal information of clients of banks other financial organizations patients of clinics.

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There is no possibility to independently change the configuration of the infrastructure to upgrade to suit your own needs. Additional difficulties are causd by the focus of a number of readymade solutions BTC Email List on the performance of specializd tasks or the too universal nature of their application. Both in the first and in the second cases a certain adaptation to the conditions of subsequent operation is requird. However this is not always possible due to a significant increase in the cost of the service or the inexpediency of such modernization.

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