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IT engineers have extensive experience in creating such solutions for enterprises of various sizes and will help you choose the most advantageous solution in terms of functionality and budget. Business mail server Among the main options for business, it is worth noting the following: GMail is a widely popular web mail service that integrates with its own domain Google Apps Mail. popular in Russia, supports the function of connecting a personal domain, administering employee accounts. Zoho Mail is a business solution that supports multiple working domains at once, a powerful and functional tool. Proton is a service from Sweden that provides an increasd level of mail security thanks to end-to-end encryption. The list is far from being limitd to the describd solutions. For each task, you can choose the best option.

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Advantages of own mail server Main advantages: the ability to implement mass mailing in one click; a beautiful address – this factor is quite important to maintain the company’s image; high degree of confidentiality – no one has direct access to your equipment; the ability to send corporate mail between employees without mandatory access to the Internet; saving Lebanon Email List traffic when sending large volumes of emails. A personal mail server is a solution for large companies that ned direct communication between employees and customers. Mail server for people To implement a personal mail server, equipment with the following parameters is sufficient: energy-efficient processor of the Xeon E line; from GB of DDR RAM.

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Several slots for hard drives; several ports for network connection – primary and backup. An example would be a modelDELL PowerEdge R. Quite a popular line for small solutions. Differs in the increasd BTC Email List energy efficiency, is equippd with the iLO system for remote control of all parameters of the device. Mail server for people As the load increases, so do the demands on the equipment. Servers of the typeHP Proliant DL Gen. Their features: slots for installing hard drives, support for quick hot-swap devices; powerful -core Xeon Silver class processors; GB of RAM with the possibility of further expansion; multiple Gb network ports.

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