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This KPI shows what percentage of gross profit is in relation to total revenue. Often the indicator is usd to compare the company’s income with the income of competitors.. Net profit ratio. The profit of the company after dducting all operating costs taxes and interest on loans. Usd to analyze the economic efficiency of the business as a whole. Marketing KPI Examples. Traffic. A popular KPI that measures the number of visitors for example on a website or in a physical store. With it you can understand how effective a particular business strategy is in attracting new customers.. Lead cost. This KPI shows how much it costs to acquire each potential customer. It is often usd in online marketing for example to compare how many customers actually respondd to online advertising Conversion rate.

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A deeper version of the previous metric that measures how many conversions and sales were made relative to traffic. For example if a site has visitors per month and of them make a purchase the conversion rate in this case is %.. Time on site. Measures the average number of minutes a visitor spends on a site before making a purchase or leaving a page. If the Albania Email List indicator is less than a minute this often indicates problems with the performance design or content of the site. KPI examples: traffic Examples of client KPIs. Customer lifetime value. That is the profit that the client brings for the entire time of working with him from the first to the last purchase.

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This is an important KPI that allows a company to identify a loyal customer base and develop a strategy to retain existing customers.. Cost of customer acquisition. The profit from customers must significantly BTC Email List exced the cost of attracting them otherwise you will simply go broke. To determine this KPI divide the total number of new customers by the amount spent on acquiring them. Unhandld calls. Traditionally an Unhandld call Abandon Rate is a situation in which a customer calling the help desk hangs up without waiting for an answer. A high percentage of outstanding calls is a reason to carefully study and optimize the work of the call center.. Problem solving at the first contact.

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