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The higher the screen resolution the more internal RAM is needd. It is recommendd to choose models with GB or more. But they are much more expensive. Modern video cards run on GDDR memory. It is faster when compard to the previous version. While manufacturers produce the most expensive solutions with memory up to GB. Taking into account the peculiarities of modern games and professional tasks this is not always enough therefore a technology for combining several cards is providd. Memory bus width Bus width a set of channels that are designd to connect the graphics chip and the memory module. The number of tracks creatd determines the data transfer rate.

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This parameter is considerd one of the main ones. If the number of tracks is not enough there will be delays in data processing so you ned to pay attention to more modern solutions. Nutrition Each model is Indonesia Email List characterizd by a certain indicator of energy consumption. If a powerful power supply was installd during assembly it is enough for most models of video cards. For Nvidia equipment the indicator in question is indicatd in the TGP. If the power of the power supply is not enough the system will not be able to work normally.

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Cooling system During data processing the installd chip heats up. As a rule an external video card has its own air cooling. One or more coolers are mountd in the case which blow out warm air. This solution does not always cope with its tasks; additional fans are requird. As for the embeddd solution the heat is removd through the tubes that come from the BTC Email List processor. Separate active cooling is not providd. This is due to low performance and some other issues. Screen output When preparing a gaming or professional solution many also select a monitor. Today this category also has a large selection. In this case the main criterion is resolution.

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