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Most of the methods used to provide native strategies have been downgraded to online display, and the most commonly used brand content made by publishers is similar to the concept of traditional advertising. Alternative examples of modern technology include search advertisements, that is, advertisements appear next to search results that meet the original conditions of the search experience. Popular examples include Twitter’s promotional essays, Facebook’s promotional stories, and Tumblr’s promotion positions.

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The most traditionally influenced primary marketing form  new data   is to put the content funded by the sponsor together with the editing content, [9] or to display “ sponsored by the marketing staff next to the editor’s recommendation. Other content ”. [10] Recently, there has been controversy as to whether content marketing is a form of local marketing, or whether they are essentially independent ideologies and styles.

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Unlike the technique of embedded marketing to place products in content, in primary marketing, products and content are combined, while in sponsored content, products, content, and active promotion occur on multiple platforms at the same time. [Need to quote ] is different from traditional forms of native advertising. Sponsored content implies a requirement and desire for transparency, and flourishes in  BTC Email List  the concept of pre-existence and/or trust building between consumers and content producers, rather than creating a masked The online impression is a reasonable understanding of content by consumers.

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