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Preparation of deicate recipes by Dwór Korona Karkonoszy Original recipes are a great way to stand out from the competition. The involvement of a professional chef in the project, who will strengthen the message thanks to his image, will have a positive impact on the effects of the entire session. Deicate recipes are also a great way to strengthen ties with brand users. Appropriately encourage, they will send photos of their own dishes, creating a strong community around the brand. Implementation of a photo session The implementation of the photo session is a milestone.

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The session should procee in accordance with the preetermine scenario. You should pay attention to details, because the vigilant eye of the recipient will catch even the smallest inappropriate detail. During our sessions for MSM Mońki, apart from the database photographer, there is also a coordinator and creative director on the set. Thanks to this, the entire project is carrie out efficiently, and the effects are always at a high level. We recommend Product photos and their value in marketing Commplace recommende products and tools Culinary photo session – among the tools and products that we use to achieve our goals will be.


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Premieres of new products on the consumer and HoReCa markets Preparation of original culinary concepts and recipes Professional culinary photography, culinary films, drawings and graphics Concepts of using chefs in brand promotion BTC Email List Cooperation with the best chefs Why should you organize a photo session with us? Write to us – we will be happy to answer this question.When is a research trial what might be useful? March 15, 2021 A sample is a statistical concept – so what does it do in the marketing guide? It turns out that thanks to it you can also better plan your campaign and get to know your customers.

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