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be clear about what values ​​are going to prevail in your business. This is very personal, since each brand has identifying values, but something that all companies must share is transparency with their customers. “ Being transparent is the basis of a brand, both when it comes to products or services, and in the day-to-day life of the company. The consumer increasingly demands to know what is happening in the bowels of a business to know how the products or services for which they are going to pay are carried out. In this sense, you have to be transparent for the

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good, but also for the bad,” says Nuria Robleño. In the case of Royo Brand, Nuria tells us that the brand transmits all the information, from the prices of materials to the production processes, since they have discover that this strategy generates the customer to have more confidence in the brand. SOCIAL MIA MARKETING, FUNDAMENTAL IN BUSINESS STRATEGY Social networks are one of the greatest Business Lead  showcases that exist today for companies , since they can make themselves known in many parts of the world with a minimum monetary investment. It is at this point where the transparency of a brand has to be reflect more than ever. Messages

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nd information must be transmitt clearly to achieve customer loyalty, something that is more difficult when it comes to an online store. “Social networks are tools that help to be closer to the consumer in an easy and accessible way for everyone, so the more details you give to your target audience, the more they  BTC Email List will empathize with the brand and the product or service you offer. Still, you have to know that just as social networks can bring you closer to your clients, they can distance you just as quickly, so you have to know how to handle them correctly and

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