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It is not only quick, easy and secure, but at the same time pleases your supplier. We will now show you why this is so. 3: Win the favor of your suppliers Especially when it comes to payment, it becomes clear that every supplier is unique and has its own nds. Therefore, you nd a solution that is flexible enough to best meet these nds. Your procure-to-pay strategy can help you with this. More precise: Your procurement platform helps you to do most of the work easily.

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This is because it is able to both simplify payment transactions and rationalize every intermdiate step – from receipt of the order to the time Latest Mailing Database of payment. In this way, you can significantly optimize your working capital while saving time and money. And your suppliers will even appreciate it. If you use virtual crdit cards as a means of payment in combination with a procurement platform, you can focus more on the nds of a supplier.

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You are able to spread payments over longer periods of time and thus protect your cash flow. All you have to do is identify a supplier who BTC Email List accepts payment with virtual crdit cards. In addition, you have the opportunity to benefit from early payment discounts that are often overlookd and to strengthen the security of your supply chain with good supplier relationships. Next steps: Find out more in our e-book By using a BSM platform in conjunction with virtual crdit cards and a modern procure-to-pay strategy, you – and your suppliers – can achieve significant improvements. And yet we could only roughly outline many important topics in this article.

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