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Transitive which will allow modules using Comodule to use BAR module without having to explicitly declare this dependency in the module declaration Otherwise this code simply won’t compile: module Comodule requires transitive BAR module; exports – defines a module package in which classes with the public modifier will be available outside of this module besides the classes themselves their internal public and protect will also be available : module BAR module. Before Java using reflection it was possible to obtain information about all components of a package/class including private ones as well as change modifiers etc. Now when strong encapsulation has become one of the key features of modules key words open opens and extension to The to extension specifies the modules comma-separated list for which opens will work.

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The last most radical way to open reflection in a module is to declare the entire module open Then all packages and classes of this module will be available for use during program execution and Antigua and Barbuda Email List for reflection: open module Comodule requires transitive BAR module; uses As a developer of enterprise products it should be notd that the modular architecture is especially useful when apply to large projects that implement a huge number of different user interactions. It allows you to make the system being develop more manageable extensible and maintainable.

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In addition due to the strong encapsulation achievd by using the module system it is possible to protect the code from misuse by exposing only the API. By clearly defining dependencies at the stage of writing code you can be sure that during operation the system will never suddenly crash due to the absence of the requird class in the classmate. I’m not BTC Email List talking about how useful this knowledge is when compiling. Less and less among the users of banking services are those who do not have an account on VKontakte or Odnoklassniki Facebook or Twitter do not use WhatsApp Telegram or Viber. Otherwise how in the modern world to keep in touch communicate or share information? Social networks and instant messengers have begun to seriously compete with live communication and phone calls.

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