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It’s very important to know your general LinkedIn statistics. This is an important fact about the platform before you even think about creating a company profile and marketing on the platform.

1. LinkedIn has over 875 million users.

2. LinkedIn has users from over 200 countries.

3. 52 million users use LinkedIn to find a new job every week, probably because they feel unappreciated .

4. LinkedIn is the oldest of the top five most popular social media platforms.

5. Of all the companies on LinkedIn, Google has the most followers.

8. LinkedIn sees a 22% increase in engagement in 2022.

9. About one-third of brand content engagement comes from employees.

LinkedIn Advertising

One of the ways LinkedIn has made money since its early days was through advertising. This is very similar to Facebook advertising and has great strategies and targeting options for users. And as LinkedIn statistics show, the ads were very successful.

33. Three-quarters of B2B marketers advertise through LinkedIn.

34. 80% of people who advertise on LinkedIn say this platform provides the highest advertising revenue.

35. Advertising on LinkedIn can reach 14.6% of the global population.

36. LinkedIn’s advertising reach helped the platform reach more than 22 million users in 2022.

37. LinkedIn’s advertising reach increased 2.8% from Q3 to Q4 2022.

38. A company that increased audience list of phone number purchase intent by 33% through LinkedIn advertising.

39. LinkedIn ads have twice the conversion rate of other platforms.

40. Users who see a business ad on LinkedIn are six times more likely to purchase a product from that brand than users who see an ad on other platforms.

General LinkedIn Statistics

Marketing through LinkedIn is a great way to increase brand awareness. But what are the metrics BTC Email List that drive engagement and results on your channel?

41. LinkedIn is a top-performing platform for B2B lead generation.

42. 40% of B2B business marketers believe LinkedIn is the most effective platform.

43. Nearly half (48.8%) of U.S.-based marketers use LinkedIn for marketing.

44. Nearly all (93%) of B2B marketers will use LinkedIn to market their brand.

45. LinkedIn delivers the best organic results, according to 77% of marketing professionals.

46. ​​LinkedIn has over 65 million business decision makers on its platform.

47. An active LinkedIn page receives 5x the number of page views.

48. Active LinkedIn pages receive 7x more impressions.

49. Active LinkedIn Pages receive 11x more clicks per follower.

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