What does the future hold

Disruption as the MAP capabilities improved with more rich text editor and drag-and-drop capabilities. Martech loaders/testers made modifications without returning to their design and copy colleagues. Dig deeper: AI-powered marketing automation: How to make it work for you Directly infused generative capabilities With the infusion of generative AI content capabilities directly into core CRM/MAP capabilities we’re now set for much more disruption Let’s take a look at HubSpot’s Content Assistant capability as a

Working example

This functionality is widely accessible in beta releases even their free CRM options. HubSpot is using OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. When you business lead click on the lightning bolt after highlighting the draft copy a menu pops up offering options to rewrite expand shorten or change tone along with pre-built tone options (as shown below). Image Image 1 Example excerpted from HubSpot’s Landing Page Editor The strengths and shortcomings of genAI’s writing abilities have been thoroughly documented and I won’t discuss them here.

How to prepare

Content governance disruptions driven by genAI What hasn’t been explored are the governance process changes that introducing genAI capabilities will force for the content and marketing  BTC Email List ops teams. Here are five issues you should start planning for. 1. Training Content/creative teams will either need to be trained or retrained to use MAPs. If not and legacy content loading processes are left intact a new guardrail is needed for the martech team. The guardrail should prevent the content loader/tester from using the embedded

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