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The company’s company description  verbal, video, etc., check each time. Depending on the company, the heads of various departments may be present or may guide you through the office. Candidate Questions During an informal interview the candidate has time to answer questions. You may be asked to do things other than work and it’s okay.

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of jobseeker-staff conversations in informal interviews Dubai Phone Number List among recruiters is said to be jobseeker-staff. In addition, if you have any doubts about your career, you can also consult here. If the company can solve the problem you may be able to get advice from the person in charge. Business Questions Here are some examples of questions companies ask during impromptu interviews.

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current job? Why did you participate in the BTC Email List casual interview? How much would you like to work? What is your impression of us? Tips for an interview In some cases you may be offered an interview on the same day. At that time, there should be an explanation of the selection process, so let’s follow the process to enter. If you wish to decline please let us know by email or phone.

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