When it comes to emails

When it comes to emails. We spend so much time creating the perfect subject line and images that will hit just right. But none of that matters if your your emails land in spam. Or worse. Don’t get deliver.  While we understand the ne and urgency for marketers to communicate with their audience. It’s also important to be mindful of the impact these emails have not only on your sender reputation. But also the experience of the person receiving them.

As your trust email service provider

As your trust email service provider. The deliverability of your emails and protecting your (and our) sender reputation is top priority europe email list for us! We’ve list some key factors to consider before sending your next email.Permission to send emails is not evergreen Permission to send emails can expire quickly as people forget where and how they sign up to your email list. This is especially true if you haven’t been in regular email contact with your subscribers in the last 12 months. People who shopp. Din. Interact with you 1-5 years ago are unlikely to remember who you are. How you collect their email address. And will wonder why they’re suddenly receiving your emails.

Sending emails to an unengag list with many

Sending emails to an unengag list with many inactive addresses will cause engagement and delivery issues like low open rates. High bounce and unsubscribe rates. And potentially high spam complaint rates. These metrics are us by mailbox providers (gmail. Yahoo. Microsoft. B2b domains) to determine your sender reputation BTC Email List and how to treat your emails. A good sender reputation means your emails will be deliver to the inbox and a poor sender reputation will result in your emails being block or filter as spam.

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