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In addition, those who want to deepen their the position before deciding whether to enter can easily feel the benefits of casual interviews. You can speak more honestly than in an interview. Casual interviews emphasize a relaxed atmosphere rather than formality so you can speak more honestly than in a typical interview. Some are casual interviews while eating, so that you can have a different experience from interviews.

By the way, ad hoc interviews

Are sometimes done by the head of the department and Canada Mobile Number List sometimes by the shortage of human resources. You can ask a lot of que. Fstions about the company and don’t worry about the evaluation. It is difficult to ask questions such as what is the culture of your company? Is the percentage of parental leave taken high and what is the average overtime? However, you can ask as many questions as you want in a casual interview so you can fill in the gaps after joining the company.

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Advantages of Informal

Interviews with Company Representatives Casual BTC Email List  interviews also have the advantage of preventing mismatches and reducing recru. Siyou email even during an informal interview Here are some points to consider before attending a casual interview.

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