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Many insurers either expressly excludd sharing providers from their insurance cover due to the high risk and lack of transparency – or did not offer any appropriate solution. A state of affairs that made solutions from the sharing economy unattractive for companies – after all, it was not just a question of paying attention to the well-being of travelers, but also of weighing up the potential costs of inadequate insurance cover.

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In the meantime, however, the signs have changd – with the market maturity of the providers. Uber is a good example of this. How is the phone number list insurance protection for business travelers currently regulatd there? Insurance coverage with Uber During the pandemic, Uber took various precautions, for example to ensure that masks were worn in vehicles. The app itself also offers travelers technical support: it determines in real time whether the driver is on the right path to the destination and can offer help as soon as it identifies problems. In the US, Uber offers three types of insurance.

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In addition to conditional comprehensive and collision coverage, which is relevant only to drivers, however, a $1,000,000 liability insurance BTC Email List covers both bodily injury and property damage. It also covers injuries to travelers and, just in case, damagd company equipment such as phones or laptops. If a driver is involvd in an accident without appropriate insurance cover, special insurance protects against bodily injuries causd by uninsurd or underinsurd road users. And what about protection in other countries? Not only in Germany do Uber drivers have to take out commercial insurance in order to be able to register.

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