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We will now show you how it looks in the case of Facebook Ads Manager and Google Analytics. Facebook Ads Manager attribution model If the user converts on the website within days of clicking on the ad, Facebook Ads will assign it to his ad of course, if we have a well configur FB pixel. The same will happen if the recipient completes the goal within one day of seeing the ad. It is true that the user may have been expos to ads in other channels later, but Facebook will attribute this success to itself. This is currently the default attribution model for this channel, which may be questionable, but it makes sense. Facebook is not a strictly sales channel.

So the task of advertising on this

Platform is to arouse the user s desire to buy. So even if the ad did not lead to a purchase, but plant a se in the user s head, which later sprout and Wallis and Futuna Business Email List gave fruit, The recipient could also, for example, want to compare prices from the competition before buying or look for opinions about the present product in order to finally go directly to the company s website. However, he found it through a Facebook ad, so the system correctly recognizes its participation in such a conversion. In addition, the Facebook system is not able to control whether the user.

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Was later in contact with ads

Creat by other systems, so assuming that the Facebook Ads campaign influenc the recipient s decision is the best way to count conversions. But is it reliable Unfortunately not. Clicking on an ad is not equivalent to loading a landing page for this system, as we have already mention above. It s even harder when we count views. Facebook s algorithms take into account whether the ad was display to the user, but they do not measure the time the ad was display on the user s screen. So it may turn out that yes, it appear on the page, but it was scroll so quickly that the user BTC Email List did not even have a chance to notice it, let alone read its content.

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